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Christopher Myers founded Just Terraces in New York City in July 2005 with his first project for a balcony on the Upper East Side. Christopher designed and installed the elements himself and lost money on that project, but he was learning the rigorous process of terrace design. Because of Christopher’s background as a set designer and art director outdoor spaces could be anything he and the client could imagine. By 2007, clients wanted Just Terraces bespoke look—heads of corporations wanted their penthouses designed by Christopher and luxury hotel brands sought out his ability to deliver an extraordinary outdoor living experience. Just Terraces had over ten employees and opened its first office on 75th Street between First and York Avenues on the Upper East Side. The artistry and spark of Christopher’s vision for the space still exist as one of New York’s unique facades. At that time, Just Terraces designed, installed and maintained outdoor spaces, growing in the knowledge of what it takes to make a successful outdoor living environment.

Just Terraces is now a design studio creating luxury spaces for outdoor living with the client's wishes and needs as the highest priority.

Christopher Myers graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. He moved to California to support the efforts of Tree People to green Los Angeles upon graduation, was quickly hired by The Walt Disney Company as an Imagineer and moved to Paris to work on Paris Disney. Christopher has experience at Disney, Universal Studios, Landmark Entertainment and Mattel which gave Christopher tools to fashion lavish elements for special spaces. His clients have included: ABC, Tiffany & Co, The Bacardi Family, Disney Channel, Tanqueray, NewsCorp, AVON, Bank of America and others. Just Terraces was founded a result of seeking for inspiration in 2005. Since then Christopher has been responsible for residential and commercial projects in the US and abroad for clients including Audi, Lexus, Showtime, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Chloé and many more. His heart is to celebrate outdoor living with a focus on serving and helping others.