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St. Augustine:



Parsonage Playhouse
USA: Residential Rooftops

Working as the CEO of a French/American PR firm meant little time for recuperation with a hectic travel schedule. We proposed just the antidote to stress: a rooftop spa. Creating the ultimate bachelor pad on the roof meant craning up a hot tub and appliances for an outdoor bar. The hot tub is nestled in a hedge of evergreens to embrace the weary occupants, while the bar with icemaker, refrigerator, sink and BBQ are just on the other side, with the ice cold refreshments necessary to endure a hot summer’s day or a long hot tub session. The other spa essentials, such as chaise lounges, sofa, club chairs provide comfort while the Cherry Blossom trees for shade provide a focus to reflect our own life-cycle: something to ponder with a cold Margarita.

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