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Riverview Relais & Relax
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This client moved to New York City not expecting to fall in love. Their beloved San Francisco and Napa homes were designed by a passionate Californian, and little did they think they’d find the same thing here. Chris, a native of San Diego gave them something few other New Yorker’s have—an outdoor space that feels beautiful year round. Before the penthouse apartment was even demolished, Just Terraces was at work creating a sunrise and sunset perch on the roof for the clients to eat breakfast, but more commonly, unwind with the sunset over a vintage from their own vineyard. With planters defining the spaces for dining, lounging, gardening and entrance, the plants did all the work. From the Pencil Juniper evoking Tuscany around the dining area, the Old Man’s Walking Stick resembling Chinese sculptures to the variegated Yucca pointing out the views of the East River. In Spring the Plum’s are blooming, and in early Summer the Scotch Broom is abundant with flowers and bees, while the Yucca stalks climb, all the while the Ever blooming roses do just what their name implies, right up to the first frost. In the fall the Cherry Laurel display fall colors as do the Plums and all winter long the evergreen Juniper act as sentinels to each space, defining their entrances and the Red Twig Dogwood stands out against the Queen’s skyline.

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